Househappy Press Kit

Earlier this year Househappy launched two products that help homeowners track and manage the upkeep of their homes. In the same way a car dealership will send you a reminder about getting your oil changed or tires rotated, Trax and Trax Plus deliver reminders about home maintenance, and can make suggestions about potential contractors and offer project quotes.

A few week’s ago, the Business Journal’s tech reporter, Malia Spencer, wrote an entire cover story on seven of the strongest and most well-known tech companies in Portland’s booming market. She also turned her spotlight on the next wave of startups that are on the rise. Among those latter eight, four of them are in the real estate space.

Portland startup Househappy has scooped up Beaverton-based GruntWorks.
The move aims to create a unified platform for consumers looking for their next home as well as homeowners seeking maintenance help.
While the deal's terms weren't disclosed, the small GruntWorks team will join Househappy. GruntWorks CEO Scott Fouser is now Househappy's chief revenue officer. “Together our brands are scalable to provide continued great service, in addition to new products to a greater number of people at a faster rate,” said Fouser in a written statement. “Our ability to assist homeowners just got a lot more sophisticated.”

Househappy Raises Cash, Gets New CEO

A new Chief Executive Officer has joined the HouseHappy team and the real estate search specialist based in Portland is now getting ready for important new features. Fresh funding has also arrived to continue the development of the portal. The start-up has attracted $1.3 million funding during the earlier days of August. Fidelity National Financial is among its investor list.

Househappy has a new CEO and fresh funding to help continue development of its real estate listings portal.

The Portland startup earlier this month reeled in a $1.3 million funding round that included participation from Fidelity National Financial.


Skechers exec leads $1.5M Househappy round

Photo-based real estate website is finally making noise about its Series A funding round — news we first told you about earlier this month.

The website, called was designed to make the house hunting process more simple and seamless. The site is driven by pictures. A seller or broker can post a property, along with 20 pictures, all for free. It has been described as a kind of Facebook for real estate.


Launched HouseHappy: Photo-Driven Real Estate Platform

In addition to simplifying search, Househappy is a community platform. Brokers and FSBOs (for sale by owners) can create detailed posts for any property type or sale type, and use their personal profile to directly connect with prospective buyers. Househappy profiles include direct contact information, links to social media, and the ability to track properties you have liked and/or connect with users who have liked your posts. Househappy is optimized for desktop, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices to make it easy to use on-the-go.

Househappy is a pleasure to use, plain and simple.

The design is neat, clean and elegant. Upon entering the site, you’re presented with hundreds of thumbnails of properties. You can quickly zero in on thumbnails relevant to you by entering as much as you know about a location, whether that’s a specific address, city, state or zip code.